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MyConcierge is an amazing new app-based service built using DropSwitch's Connected technology.

Guests are invited to download the app and will see all the usual information they would access regarding your facilities to ensure they have instant and easy access to that during their stay. Although this is important, MyConcierge is able to deliver a much more advanced, customized, VIP experience for every guest.

This makes sure their specific needs and interests are catered to, professionally, unobtrusively and in a timely manner - as they choose - to make the most of their stay. Your concierge and other members of staff can upload news, offers, event info and more and guests receive them based on their preferences, profile, actions and the time. In addition you can setup powerful logic - send a survey to those having a spa treatment, invite golfers for a lesson with your pro at a special price on the quiet days of the week, invite guests interested in fitness to a beach workout and give those who signup a free smoothie in the bar afterwards. The options are endless.

Not only is the app design customized to your hotel but the services you offer too. Maybe you need advanced water sports preferences, tours, beauty services or social options - you might want to allow instant guest access to a number of different departments - housekeeping, room service, valet, etc. - from the app too. Place orders for drinks from the 16th hole, request fresh towels for the room mid-run or champagne in your room whilst you're waiting for dessert - the app is also a digital passport for your guests to access services.

MyConcierge is effectively a unique app dedicated to your hotel. It offers you incredibly powerful built-in tools to allow you to organically enhance the system. Improve and monitor your service standards and continually learn more about your guests needs and how to meet and exceed their expectations.

The service is delivered utilizing iOS and Android mobile devices direct to your guests. It has no unknown or hidden costs, requires virtually no investment in infrastructure, has no startup costs and can be implemented in hours. We take care of all updates to maintain and improve the service seamlessly - it grows organically and can evolve into a completely dedicated The service is unique, powerful, flexible and yet still easy to use, install and maintain.

MyConcierge - hotel app for iPhone & Android
Targeted Tips To Transform Your Stay!

Key Features


Easy to Use


Mobile users spend 80% of their time using apps rather than the web. The platform is interactive and constantly with the guest, so it's an ideal way to deliver targeted info to them. MyConcierge offers a wide range of powerful logic controls to deliver content in response to a guests preferences, actions, location, profile and at an appropriate time. There's also the option to trigger a number of actions and manage every aspect of an event - announce, RSVP, plan and control access.

Guests are invited to download the app and login prior to arrival and automatically receive the customized tips from the concierge at your hotel who is able to create notifications in advance using the powerful web admin interface and then manage day-to-day interactions using a tablet. As the service notifications are all setup in advance a smooth and consistent level of service is provided and your concierge remains available for guests' needs.

Although we constantly update and maintain the app your guests will experience an interface customized for your hotel so they are effectively using your app. There's no advertising, you create and control all the content but only pay a low, monthly service charge based on the number of guest slots you require. In addition to the guests the app can also be used to communicate between management and staff.

Questions, Ideas or Suggestions?

If you've got any questions or ideas for features you'd like to see on the next version of MyConcierge, please feel free to get in touch.
We are constantly working on improving and adding features to make the app even better.
It will be rapidly enhanced over the coming months in response to your feedback.

Making Technology Work for You

The MyConcierge Hotel App
- Mobilizing Concierge Services

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